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      Insurance Portfolio


      When an accident or disaster occurs it’s essential to know your insurance coverage. With ReadyLife Insurance Information module you’ll be able to easily access your plan information; and in return make the claim process more efficient. It will help to eliminate inaccuracies and ensure your claim is processed timely with accurate payouts by allowing you to provide your agent with claim photos, documentation and details.

      Additional Benefits

      • Secure storage environment for confidential policy and claim information
      • Eliminate claim disputes by providing proof with detailed photos and documentation
      • Receive accurate compensation faster by submitting claims on time
      • Reduced dependency on agent to provide policy numbers and plan details
      • Centralize all insurance plans into one location, ie home, auto, watercraft, medical, life, disability etc.

      Insurance Information: Features and Functions

      • Store critical policy information, ie carrier, policy number, effective dates and coverage details
      • Open, track, and print claims you’ve stored in the repository
      • Access all centralized policy plans in one location

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