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      PIIB Endorsement is offical! 

      ReadyLife is excited to announce we have been approved to be a preferred vendor for Pacific Interstate Insurance Brokers (PIIB).  PIIB represents an association of 140+ independent insurance agents throughout the state of California.

      ReadyLife would like to thank PIIB and their Board of Directors for recognizing ReadyLife and our innovation new product. We look forward to helping PIIB Members keep their customers ready for when life happens.

      To learn more about PIIB please visit


      Why ReadyLife?

      Because Life Happens

      When life takes an unexpected turn most families are unprepared to handle the situation. A devastating storm, home fire and missing children are life altering events that happen everyday across the world and what position have you put yourself in to make sure you and your family can get back on their feet as quickly as possible.

      Using today’s technology, ReadyLife has found an effective way to help you be better prepared. By providing a secure off site location to help maintain and backup your family information, you no longer have to worry about where to store your files and records.

      Disaster Preparedness Planning & How ReadyLife helps you

      After a major disaster, odds are that emergency response services will be able to immediately respond to the needs of everyone, so it’s important to be prepared to take care of yourself and your family. It is recommended by risk management professionals to develop a plan that helps you in detailing your immediate needs and that you and your family can be self sufficient for up to 72 hours:

      ReadyLife takes the recommended safety steps listed below and offers you and your family access to your family plans and information 24/7.

      • Designate contacts & meeting locations ReadyLife gives you the ability to list local, regional and national emergency contacts and meeting locations depending on the areas affected. Instruct family members to use these contacts and tell them where they are and to go to the meeting locations if your primary home is not accessible.
      • Duplicate important documents and keep copies off-site. Traditionally you should use either a safety deposit box or with someone you trust to keep them safe but ReadyLife now gives you the ability to manage and store these documents in your online management portal. These document may include passports, drivers licenses, social security cards, wills, deeds, financial statements, insurance information, marriage license or any other documents through our easy to use record keeping system
      • Inventory valuables & personal belongings, in writing and with photographs. ReadyLife Home Inventory module is tailored to not only giving you an easy way to store photos and documents on these items, it allow you to create a custom record specific to that item.
      • Make a household/family plan. Involve all key people in planning and decide where to go and who to call if disaster strikes. ReadyLife Disaster Preparedness module allows you to make a list of this critical information and allows you to print your plan that can be distributed to family members.
      • Put together a disaster supply kit. Plan to have supplies for yourself and your family for at least 3 days following a disaster. Visit our ReadyStore and buy your kit or disaster supplies today.
      • When planning, consider the special needs of children, seniors or people with disabilities, family members that don’t speak English and pets

      What is a ReadyNow Partner and why do you want to find one?

      A ReadyNow Partner is a professional risk manager who has committed to you, their client, to offer a level of service that is unparallel in today’s personal risk management. The first step in your protection is to work with someone who understands the personal exposures that you are facing and finding an insurance solution that is tailored to meet the demand of your lifestyle. Once this solution has been put in place there is the question… now what?

      Your ReadyNow Partner understands that the risk mitigation plan for you and your family is only half way over and more still needs to be done. In today’s litigious society it is more important now than ever to have information and records readily available. A new family member, an insurance claim or home improvements all change your risk but what are you doing to keep track of these changes or paperwork that is generated? Your sponsoring ReadyNow Partner answers this question for you.

      By providing a secure, web-based online tool as valuable as ReadyLife shows that your agent is dedicated to providing you a value that goes above and beyond the standard agent today. Accepting that the job is never done and since your needs continually change your partner has decided to offer you a practical solution that lasts the test of time.

      The bottom line is there are a lot of gimmicks out there that some insurance providers offer but are they really worth your business? By working with a ReadyNow Partner you can be assured you’re getting the most out of your chosen professional and a witness to the fact that your partner not only talks the talk, but also walks the walk.

      ReadyNow Partners are the clear choice for your #1 Risk Management professional… find one today.



      Want Your Children to be Prosperous? Educate Them to start Saving Money Today! 

      Believe me, your kids will say thanks later on. Comprehending the importance of cash is crucial for becoming a successful adult, but illustrating it just isn't easy. You'll need techniques! Always keep reading to find out several attempted and tested suggestions for getting through to your little ones.

      Being a financial professional, I am aware that educating children concerning cash isn't any easy job, but a number of suggestions can point them in the perfect path. Allow us @ ReadyLife to take out the tension from educating your children about money. With a handful of easy tips, your youngsters can be on the road to becoming fantastic savers!

      Step 1: Start off Early

      You do not want your young person to have no understanding about cash. At this age, you will without a doubt possess some significant fix task to complete. Don't forget that parents are classified as the biggest role models in a child's existence. Thus set a fantastic example! Speak about conserving cash, investing, and working really hard to obtain the things you want.

      Well before you let your teenager run wild inside the shopping mall in San Francisco or perhaps Chicago with your credit card, contemplate about encouraging them to make their investing funds.

      Step 2: Exactly What Does Cash Mean?

      You may be wondering the instant to start educating your children with regards to cash. Well, can your kids count? If that's the case, right now is the ideal time. Share with them how much fundamental needs cost by including them in grocery buying. Make it a part of your weekly goals for the little ones to become aware of costs. I assure, this will make a lasting impact!

      Step 3: Show Them The Advantages of Conserving

      Kids are cleverer than you actually believe, and they are generally watching your every step. Keep in mind that activities talk louder compared to words. If you are conserving money as well as mentioning the advantages of financial savings (such as getting a big holiday or perhaps getting a new vehicle) you might get them conserving the cents from their allowance to help save up for the huge purchase.

      Step 4: Encourage Targets for Personal savings

      Offer your children the structure of a income. If you offer your kids money in little denominations, it helps them to role play exactly what it's like to be an adult to make tough judgments. Motivate them to keep a particular amount of their money, and check up on their progress.

      Some parents give rewards for personal savings also. Just simply imagine how rapidly your young ones will want to save cash in case you will match their personal savings once they attain a goal!

      Step 5: Get Your Kids to Work

      Begin right at home! Compensate your youngsters when they clear their bedrooms, assist with pots and pans, or feed domestic pets. As a guardian in Bay Area, this strategy has made it easier for my little ones to understand the worth of cash. After your kids start working for their cash, don't be astonished if they want to spend it more wisely!

      So now you have some tricks for getting started, although the issue is, is it possible to invest in educating your children beneficial habits?

      The truth is, kids won't know about cash overnight. These lifelong classes call for perseverance, however in the end, your children will be much more prosperous.

      At ReadyLife we focus on this kind of advice, so don't attempt to achieve this objective on your own. If you are living in San Francisco, Santa Clara, or Los Angeles local Insurance Agents will help you get your kids on the correct track.

      For a lot more ideas, stay tuned to our blog and check out some of our other articles!


      Rain, Rain, Go away: How Umbrella Insurance Can Safeguard Your Family From Monetary Catastrophe

      Are you prepared for one rainy day? Many people think that regular insurance policy is enough protection, but have you considered surprising occurrences? Think about this instance: in San Francisco a truck driver had a cerebrovascular accident at the steering wheel and crashed his truck right into a structure, bringing about countless thousands of bucks in ruin. What now?

      Let's hope he had umbrella insurance coverage , a type of insurance coverage that provides over and also more than coverage. In case the truck driver had only a standard $500,000 liability limit, he would have been personally liable for the damages. A court could get hold of his assets, take all his funds in the financial institution, also his home.

      Don't be Trapped within the Rain

      As experts in San Francisco Bay Area these are the kinds of cases we observe all the time. Rather of letting the court to take a part of your salary for the remainder of your existence, why don't you look into umbrella insurance? On top of your existing insurance policy, you will be safeguarded from any type of financial disaster.

      With a small advice from ReadyLife insurance partner, you will have the ability to endure any monetary storm. If you nonetheless have questions soon after reading through this article, do not think twice to get in touch with one or our partners at Find A Partner.

      Exactly What Does Umbrella Insurance Protect?

      A better question to inquire would be what does umbrella insurance NOT cover, In Bay Area, every little thing from houses to cars to boats to businesses is covered by umbrella insurance policy. Common plans range between $1 and $5 million in protection.

      Essentially, umbrella insurance plan will take over right after your normal insurance expires. Consider this scenario: you're responsible for $700,000 in injuries. Your normal insurance will pay the first $500,000 and the umbrella policy picks up the extra $200,000. To further save on a wet day, in addition, it covers legal fees plus expenditures.

      So, who Must have Umbrella Insurance policy?

      All this relies on how much you've gotten in the bank. Or even the information of your respective property. Umbrella insurance is essential for moderate to higher than average net worth individuals. With out assets, many individuals won't undergo the costly legal procedure to take legal action against you. However, for those who have above $500,000 in assets, you will need additional protection.

      Talk to an expert with regards to your particular scenario. On-line you will find info all over, but for personal assistance, talk to somebody straight.

      Business owners are likewise in need of umbrella insurance coverage , especially when your company has dangers. Think about this well-known instance: you own a pizzeria and just one of your delivery drivers crashes into a high-class automobile. Who will pay for damages or injuries?

      Safeguard your organization from catastrophe by planning for a wet day with umbrella insurance coverage.

      The Bottom Line

      Do you have anything to guard? This is basically the main point here. Without property to guard, umbrella insurance coverage may be overkill. However, if you DO have assets, in case you DO own a company, it would be virtually negligent to count on the basic insurance coverage plan. Don't loose time waiting for the toughest case scenario to be sorry for not getting prepared.

      A thousand questions are most likely running through your head, exactly how much umbrella insurance coverage should you get? What's a great cost for any plan? Are terms good? You need answers from someone you are able to trust. I'm able to respond to your personal concerns.

      Don't spend one more day asking yourself about umbrella insurance, get in touch with an Insurance Agent right now!

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